Udating : 2013 April 29

Because she works primarily in a spontaneous way, every canvas she paints is a perpetual questioning with somme basic ingredients: favouring evocation rather than representation, concentration on the essential, refining incessantly the language, taking advantage of happy accidents, until the artwork reveals itself, thus becoming a distinct entity.

Using raw pigments instead of oil painting allowed her to go forward in this process.
"I don't portray, i paint. I don't represent, i shaw." This saying from Soulages for her would be the best description of her way. The challenge is to bring back the secrecy or the informal that, consciously or not, arise in each of us.

The outcome of her painting can only result of an echo betwen the creator, the painter, and the viewer who looks at the work. But it is out of question for her to impose a vision or a preconcieved meaning to the viewer

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